Los Cabos


Hello Mexico!

First time in Mexico! Was kind of bummed out the first day because it was chilly and no sun! what the hell! The only reason why we flew 5 hours here was to get some sun! What was also shitty was the fact it was spring break at the Riu Sante Fe (where we were staying).  Note to self, never stay here during spring break. These damn kids are so annoying. But then I was once like them, drunk and dumb. So i don’t know. I didn’t like the fact they were fucking up my sleep at 3AM though. Complained a couple times. Other than that, the resort itself was pretty nice. Buffet was good, but again these spring breakers fucking up my experience!

Chilling with no sun
Nice photo
not sure what life boss is doing
Pool bar yea yea

Written from Toronto, Home on March 15, 2020


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