I never brought Life Boss to Danforth Avenue aka Greek town.

Huh? what a fail Choi. That should have been one of the first places you take her to. Oh well, better late than sorry. Life Boss was out at Yoga early morning and Choi was tasked to brainstorm what to eat for lunch.

No good.

Choi hates deciding what to eat.

But since Life Boss has been giving him a lot of shit he went on google and did some research. That’s when he realized he’s never brought life boss to Danforth! Done! Let’s do it!.

I told life boss lets go to Danforth, but of course I didn’t choose the restaurant.

She did.

And I am glad that happened because she chose this kick ass Greek restuarant called Messini.  We got the pita combination which consists of two pitas (i got the chicken, she got the lamb / beef), Salad, another side of pita with olive spread, and fries (we upgraded to greek fries). This huge amount of food for only $30 dollars! That’s a good deal, considering the portions were HUGE.


Needless to say we did not finish this meal. But damn, the pitas were damn good. That sauce. Yes. We shall come back again.

Our feast
Close up of our pitas
Greek fries
The restaurant

Written from Toronto, Home on March 1, 2020

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