So..Doo Roo AE, a Korean Restaurant, has shit service.

I blogged about this in my other mama chef post. The old ladies here don’t smile, and they are slow as fuck. But we still come here because the food is pretty good. Come here quite often actually. Even if there was a snow “squall”.


What the fuck is a snow squall?

I learned this term today.

Apparently it means heavy snowfall for a short period of time. Ok. Snow Squall, cool.

So we went to Doo Roo Ae, and the place was empty af. Corona Virus effect maybe

Don’t know. We ordered the pork bone soup (the big ass one that you share) and the dumplings.

Not a big fan of the dumplings. Super big fan of the pork bone soup though. love that shit. Could be spicier though but in terms of Korean food in Toronto this shit is pretty good.

Oh – they also improved on the service. They hired this new guy who is very nice, smiles and attentive. I feel like the old ladies work him too hard though (aka they don’t do shit themselves). I hope he doesn’t quit….

Dumplings plus apps
life boss doing something
Our pork bone soup

Written from Toronto, Home on February 28, 2020

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