Life boss was working late so we didn’t get to cook.

Okay fine, I mean she didn’t have time to cook.

I don’t cook because I am shit at cooking.

Life boss was craving ramen, and I was tired. So the best way to appease both parties was to go to the nearest ramen restaurant, which is literally downstairs from our condo.


This ramen restaurant was called Sansotei.

I am not a big fan of this place because it’s damn expensive and the portions are not the biggest (like most ramen restaurants). However, the noodles had a really nice texture to it, and the soup was pretty good. Note to self though, stop drinking soup from restaurants.

It makes you fucking sick.

I also am pretty sure I ordered extra chasu, but they ended up giving me extra eggs .Oh well. Overall, pretty good meal but again on the pricey side.

My spicy tan tan ramen
Life Boss’ normal ramen
Another shot of my ramen
Yep we got dumplings too
And the restaurant

Written from Toronto, Home on February 28, 2020

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