Life Diary


Another day spent indoors.

When is this shit going to ever end? There was a report out from the government stating this may last till July.

Damn it.

If that’s the case then there goes our summer. Yep, going straight to winter lol.

Life boss won’t be happy. Well, the only thing I can do right now is to upload a picture of the bluffs and use it as my feature photo for this post haha.

Didn’t sleep well yesterday by the way, stayed up late because I was updating this blog. Yes, once I start something I can’t stop. This is not a good habit of mine. Need to learn how to let go.

Anyhow, nothing really interesting happening today although it was another day of full of calls. That is damn tiring.

Oh we had dominos for lunch! And chinese pork ribs + noodles for dinner! But I forgot to take picture of the dinner….life boss needs to remind me!

Stay safe everyone!

Written from Toronto, Home on April 1, 2020

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