Life Diary


Dear Blog – I am sorry again that I have neglected you.

It turns out that having a kid is indeed a full time job. Between Baby Boss and Life Boss and Work, Choi has no time for you!  Well this is not a good excuse, I must find time for you. So here I am, back at at it with another random post.

This time it’s about baby boss’ first Halloween. Life boss for whatever reason chose a tiger customer for her. Don’t know why, she was born in the year of the rat. But the costume was pretty cute. We went to a friend’s Halloween party (less than 10 people don’t worry, not breaking any laws here) and initially baby boss was good. Then one hour past by and she became a monster. Sigh. Wouldn’t calm down. Seriously girl, why you always go crazy when we are about to eat? We have about a 2  hour window with this kid.

I wish I was a baby too, sleep, crap, and eat. Oh and be able to complain and not get flack for it.

Well, here’s to baby boss’ first halloween! Christmas is coming!

Middle Finger

Written from Toronto, Home on Nov 7, 2020


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