I haven’t eaten at Earl’s since forever.

I think the last time I ate at Earl’s was when my friend visited from the UK, and we had brunch here (the downtown location). Per life boss, the experience last time didn’t go to well. Actually her exact words were “you ordered something stupid”.

Fair enough.

Fast forward a couple of years (damn time flies) we decided to try out Earl’s again. Only difference this time, we went for dinner, open patio, in November. Damn it was cold. There were heaters in the patio, but the waitresses must have hated us or something because they sat us at the far corner with some shitty heaters, while the folks sitting in the middle had these big ass heaters aimed at them. Some of them were in T-shirts, god damnit. Not a good start. Come on! Why you no put us somewhere warm?

But then the food came (and shots), surprisingly I really liked my pasta dish. Maybe it’s because I got the lobster pasta, which you can’t really go wrong. Or maybe because it was so damn cold that anything carb dishes would have tasted like heaven. I vow to come back sometime to try it again, but indoors. Whenever that is. We also ordered some appetizers, fries + calamari which as you can tell by the photos below we devoured.

So yes, sorry for the ugly photos.

Overall, it was good food, good drinks, with good people. Too bad it was so damn cold!

But lessons learned for Choi, maybe don’t do a patio in the middle of November? haha.

shots, shots, shots
Devoured this

Written from Toronto, Home on November 16, 2020

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