Which means in-door restaurant dining is only limited to 10 people. Not bad, but given we are a party of 3 now this will represent 30% capacity. If baby boss wasn’t such a ticking time bomb we would try to venture out and eat, but since she cries every 30 minutes it’s just not feasible.

Desperate to eat Japanese food (we were craving fish), we decided to try Hana Don. I don’t know why life boss wanted to try a new Japanese restaurant when we have a sure win in Araya, but whatever life boss wants life boss gets.

Or maybe she just wanted Don?

True, true.

Even though this mfing place is 17 minutes away I happy obliged to order from this restaurant.

First thing you should know, is you get 10% off if you order from their website, so yes order from their website.

I ordered the large premium seafood don, life boss got some random fish egg don.

I will not comment on her don.

I will comment on MY don instead.

It was meh.

Yes, the fish was fresh, and it was filling, but in terms of quantity of fish it just wasn’t that much. I recall some other don places, there is at least 2 – 3 pieces of each fish type. Granted, maybe there was more variety here?? Actually, I don’t know about that either. There was a shitload of rice though, I give them that. Overall, I was full, but could have been more satisfied.
Again, not because of the quality, more so the quantity of fish.

I also ordered 2 miso soups, which was dumb because apparently this comes with miso soup already. So we had 4 miso soup. All good, I love miso soup.


Damn I can eat that all day.

Total damage came to 71 bucks – yes not bad I guess.

Oh I pooed like crazy too afterwards, googled why, and apparently raw fish / tuna is a laxative? interesting. It felt so good.

My don
What eating at home means

Written from Toronto, Home on November 16, 2020 


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