Update on Munky


Here’s a couple of pictures so far from my new adventure:

Le little cousin

“friend cat”

le cousin

It’s been only ..3 days and I’ve been running around like a maniac..

This and UFE is indeed my life’s biggest challenge yet.  Trying to find a job, finding a place to call him is quite the stress. And it’s tiring.

Haven’t bee able to do much sight seeing since I’ve been running around like a chicken.

Update – Flats

Just an update on my progress.  Think I have my new place locked in, suppose to be signing the lease tommorrow.  It’s located in Kwun Tong, and I will need to take a small bus up to the apartment.  But the view is really nice, and the area around it is really quiet.  Reminds me of Toronto actually.  It’s like on a mountain so I am going to get all my exercise in! haha…can’t wait till I move in..I move in mid November..counting down!

In the meantime, I am going to be staying a shitty hotel for a month or so.  One thing I learned from this is having a place of your own is very important.  I am hoping to save enough to buy my own place here.

Update – Job Search

have a couple of meetings set up for next week with several recruiters.  Hopefully they can get me a job so I can start earning income!

Speaking of which,  I am going to restart my budget again.  Since I have no income and have many expenses, it’s imperative I stretch my dollar to the max (i.e. use it wisely).

Hopefully I can stick with it.

Side note

The food here is fabulous! Ate so much already.  Feel like I am getting sick from all the meals though hahaha.

I also need friends.  So if you reading this please consider moving to HK!!


Chose jet lag by Simple Plan because… I am jet lagged to the max at the moment hahaa!

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