Believe in yourself


Remember today my friend

For you have nowhere to stand

Remember today

For you have nowhere to stay

Have no fear


Shitty Hotel

I am currently living in a shitty hotel.  I stayed at my uncles place for a bit, but I have finally moved out.  The decision to come to HK was mine so I really wanted to depend on myself to succeed.  Some may think this is stupid because you are wasting money.

But you know me.

I do things backwards.

Work with nothing

A lesser known secret as to why I came to HK (well now it’s public) is to test how far I can push myself.  I literally have nothing to work with here in HK.  Hence why I am in a shitty hotel.  I got no income yet I have a lot of expenses (spent another 10K today).  I walked around the area in my shitty hotel.  I specifically chose this shitty area because I want to remind myself this is not the time to play.  It also helps the hotel cost is quite low.

Since i have a my living situation sort of taken for, I am now focused on getting a job.  I took a day off (sunday) but it’s back to the grind again.

Mind is not like it used to be

Admittedly, i am already tired.  Finding a place in a few days is quite a feat, but also took its toll.  Living in my 300 SQFT hotel room is quite depressing.  But reminds me how I need to work that much harder.  In a way its good.  I am really, really looking forward to my place in November.  I can’t wait to just settle in, and just enjoy the city.

But for now, mind, keep on hustling!

Take time to rewind

I arrived on thursday night, and have been busy since then.  Its monday night right now HK time, and I finally get to relax at TST pier.

This is one of the reason I love hong kong.  This place is simply beautiful.

I got my earbuds on while writing this post.  One thing I miss about Toronto is the quietness and the ability to rewind yourself.  Well, at least I found a decent bar at TST (theres really only one).

And how interesting.  At this moment I can’t wait for you to come to HK.

Now that’s interesting.


Cause mayyybee..you’re gonna be the one that saves me

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