Cost of living

I apologize for the lack of activity with this blog.  I’ve been super busy lately, trying to find a job and all.  Plus the fact I don’t have regular access to internet makes it that much worse.  I am looking into a phone plan that allows me to gain access so I can just tether my laptop off my phone….anyways that’s for another post, another day.

Being unemployed but with expenses, requires you to do some diligent budgeting.  And that I have been doing.  I have been recording my costs on a daily basis in an excel spreadsheet.  As a result, my preliminary analysis (based on a one week sample) is as follows:

The cost of loving in HK is at a bare minimum, $100 (This is before the cost to rent / to live at relatives.)

By the way, this is my cozy hotel room =)

Here’s my breakdown:


It is true, you can easily eat cheap in HK.  The ideal budget meal per day is as follows:

Breakfast – Mcdonalds.  They currently have a special for one the egg and ham mcmuffin in which only costs $8HKD!  The exchange rate is 7.9, but for simplicity sake we will say its at $8.  That means, the sandwich itself costs only $1! haha crazy.

Lunch –  This ranges from 25 – 45, depending where you eat.  I find the average is about $35 for a combo.  But then I have spent most of my lunches at causeway bay and central.  Think these two places are usually more expensive.  I will try to see if there are cheaper lunches in other areas.  But for now I will say lunch costs about $35.

Dinner – I find you can get full off at a $35 meal as well.  You can find a set dinner combo at Cafe de coral, or by just one of the local restaurants.

In total, food will tae about $70 – $80


MTR is really convenient here.  But boy, does the cost add up.  Despite the shitty service TTC provides,  I guess it is a plus for riders as they only get charged one fee.  Here MTR goes by distance.

I am currently living in Hung Hom.  I make daily trips to central and casueway bay.  Each trip costs about $10.  So on average, the transportation cost is about $20.

Other expenses

The two items that I talked about above are in my opinion, the most basic needs you will need.  Of course you will need shelter.  If you are lucky enough to be able to stay at a relatives, this cost is of course 0 (or watever you pay to your relatives).  However, if you try to find yourself service apartment or just a regular flat, be prepared to pay about 9 – 10K a month (HKD of course).  Convert this to Canadian dollars though, I guess is not too bad.  But still, it adds up.

Other expenses that you may incur if you are living by yourself, is if you require a store to wash your clothes.  My experience is that the cost will be about $25 for every 1 – 7 pounds that you wash.


Being in the New York of asia, means you will spend money for entertainment.  I visited Lan Kwai Fong the other day (LKF is a place full of bars), the cost of beer is about $50 – 60.  Which is about right since this translates to $8 beers.  Other entertainment may include shopping, and visiting theme parks.  Two things which I have not done.


In conclusion, I think its important to have a budget set up.  Each budget will be different, so even though I say $100 is a minimum, you may realize your living standards is different from mine.  So even though you may have set a budget for yourself, keep in mind that it may change once you actually experience living in another city!

That is all!  I am sorry I have no taken more pictures.  More pictures in my next post, I promise.


Alright, already the show goes on
alright, till the morning we dream so long
anybody ever wonder, when they would see the sun up
just remember when you come up
the show goes on!

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