Love central.  Spent a lot of my time last week here because of job search.  reminds me of downtown Toronto.  By 7 PM everywhere is packed, including the MTR.

I have a hard time finding food here for some reason.  Need to do some more exploring.  Of course, the notorious LKF is just around the corner.  Been there a couple of times, pretty good place to just drink / chill. Very North American feel.



Whampoa is close to where I live currently so I thought I give it a visit.  Apparently everything here is owned by Lee Ka Sing.  Not sure if this is true or not, but then one of his companies is called Hutchison Whampoa.  So i guess there’s some merit to it.

Another nice area, definitely nicer than the where I am currently!

Hung Hom


Couldn’t really take any nice pictures of Hung Hom (where I temporary live).  However, I did find one place where their noodles is top notch.  Not too pricey (about 25 – 30 HKD per bowl).  Their soup base is what sold me.  Recommend!

That’s all for now, I’ll try to take more pictures of each area I have been.  Will try to do the more popular areas first (TST, MK, Causeway Bay).

Hopefully when the job search winds down I’ll be able to do more of the tourist stuff!


And I know karma’s gonna get me back


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