Take a chance

Rolling the dice

Thought I give this blog some life again.  It’s been a week since I’ve blogged.  I am sorry, it’s really hard when you don’t have regular access to internet.  It’s on my next to do list.  Hopefully I can get data on my phone in the next week or two.  Just been busy.

Anyways, the above two pictures were taken at TST.  These sculptures were made to inspire happiness, and to make people smile.  You decide if it worked =p.

Last 2 – 3 weeks I’ve been really busy job searching.  It’s been quite stressful. You really need to stick with your original principals, and what you want in your next job.  You should listen to the advice of others, but at the end of the day you have to make the decision that makes the most sense to yourself, and makes you the most happy.

Don’t get stuck in a job you don’t like.

I’ve gradually learned, the HK style is to just take any job, while continuing searching for a better one.  This is true.  But I guess the Canadian side of me tells me I should work with the company for at least a year.   Maybe my philosophy will change over time.

The thinking / culture in HK is definitely much different.

Socializing after work is a must.  Despite the huge population, given the small space everyone knows everyone.  Networking is key.

Furthermore, it is definitely more fast pace here.  People are two three steps ahead of you when you are talking about something.  This I really enjoy.  It’s a competitive environment, and definitely a challenge for me to keep up.

I do miss my cat, but I am enjoying life currently (other than job searching).

There’s definitely more opportunities here in HK / China, but you have to get the right one that’s best for yourself, despite what others may say.

Anyways, this post is everywhere.  Just came back from TST with a friend.  Yes it’s 3AM HK Time.  And i am tired, and hungry.  MCdeees is not open atm =.=/

Moving to Kwun tong tommorrow.  Internet access will be even more rare, until i get data on my phone.

Until then, Ciao!


Yeah, I’m throwed off
Aint about the money I’ma blow it off
I made my own lane, let’s roll, lets roll
Yeah, I’m going off

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