Adjustment to HK


So it’s been a month since I landed.  Have to say I am adjusting nicely to life here.  Other than it being crowded, noisey and faster pace there’s really nothing different.  Oh it’s more convenient here too in terms of eating ha ha.

Speaking of eating, yah I’ve been going around eating quite a bit.  The other day I was at this place at Fo Tan.  It was an outdoor eatery, with open kitchen concept.  Had the pork chop with noodles.  Delicious!



I find myself spending a lot of time at TST.  No thanks to Justin.  But yeah, the pier is definitely nice.  Took too many tourist pictures here.  No more.  It is nice to walk down there during this time, as the weather is cooling down.  I am still sticky though.  I am also taking 4 showers a day still.

Some adventures at TST:

Pebble Roads

I finally jogged the other day, as I am getting fat.  Ran into a park, and found a pebble road! Success.  I’ve been wanting to walk on one of these forever.  It was very painful.  Sign that I am dying.  Need to be more healthy…maybe when I move to my final place I will finally start to cook..haha.


Another convenient thing that I noticed in HK is the fact that wifi is everywhere!  Did a skype session with my friend the other night at a park.  Yes…that is quite sad.  I can’t wait till my phone plan activates (which is this friday btw so you will be getting whatsapp messages from me very soon).


Yes I miss my cat. Sigh.

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