Movie Review – Tai Chi Zero


So I had nothing to do today.  So I watched Tai Chi Zero.  Not sure if it was a big deal, but I guess it’s one of the movies I wanted to check out since their posters were everywhere.

Since I have some time now (o yah I got my data!) Guess I will kill sometime by talking about the movie (SPOILER ALERT)


The plot is about a guy with a horn.  And apparently if you hit the horn he goes super crazy good.  he was not that interesting in my opinion.  A doctor told him he was going to die soon, so he should go learn Tai Chi.  So he went the village to learn tai chi.  LoL.  And then over the course of the movie they start battling armies and tanks and such.

Yeah, I don’t know I didn’t find the plot to be too interesting IMO.



Leung Kar Fai

He’s suppose to be the master.  To be honest, it’s refreshing to see someone other than Donnie Yen / Jet Li / Jackie Chan in a martial arts movie.  I’ve always been a big fan of his as well.  I thought he did really well in the movie.  But then I thought all the actors / actresses were really good too.


I don’t really know why you would have your stage name as Angelababy.


Yes, I know her face is probably enhanced through surgery. Is it still weird I find her pretty hot in this movie? Maybe it’s the way she is in the movie, but she was dam hot in the movie.  Although the Plot was blah, haha I still think i got my money’s worth just by watching her.

Pretty dam hot when she was doing her moves too.



Yah the action was pretty good.  Choreographed by Sammo Hung, so you know it’s going to be good.  There was a part when the villagers fought back using vegetables.  Now that was a first.

Overall, it was an alright movie.  The cast definitely made it worthwhile.  So if you have time, go support them chinese movies!

Update – I am now active on the job market.  Please cross your fingers for me =)

I also have a new number, so message me if you want it!  we can whatsapp!

That is all.


It’s late night Thursday
I know that you heard me

But you don’t want the same thing
Well two can play that game
So I’m chilling with my girlfriend
But she not my real girlfriend
She got a key to my place but
She’s not my real girlfriend

Stupid, so dummy

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