Back in Toronto!

We were in Italy for a week and even though it was a great trip it’s always good to be back home! Time for some home cooking (Sort of).

It was a chilly Saturday morning and after some intense cleaning of our apartment we were damn hungry! During the summer we tried going to this restaurant called The Green Wood but the lines were huge as fuck so we went somewhere else. We tried again this time, and it was still an half hour wait.

Screw it, lets wait this time.

See what the big deal is.

We were greeted by a very friendly hostess who sat us down on a shared table. That’s cool.

Got two coffees.

The Salmon Rosti which was very popular (per the waitress). So we both got it. Initial bites were very good, but as we dug into the meal we thought the dish was too sour for our tastes. I mean you have sour cream as a sauce, and the potato itself was very sour. Yep just sour all around.

We were not too impressed with the meal!

Our salmon rosti
Another shot of our sour meal

Written from Toronto, Home on November 2, 2019

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