New York


Vietnamese BBQ?

Huh? I have never heard of such concept. Life boss’ friend in NYC took us to this restaurant called Madam Vo BBQ, so I guess if it’s good enough for a local it’s good enough for me.

But seriously, what is Vietnamese BBQ?

Well I cannot really answer this question because we didn’t have viet BBQ lol. Instead we ordered a bunch of A La Carte items, including this crazy big ass cat fish. Not a fish person myself, but yes it was quite juicy and fresh. The chicken skewers were OMG so good. We also ordered pork belly, in which we wrapped in rice paper. I remember eating a lot of rice paper in Vietnam, kind of sick of it. Kind of wanting to throw up when I think about rice paper. But in moderation it was quite good. Great food at Madam VO BBQ, next time I definitely need to try to their BBQ menu.

Pork Belly
Our spread -> includes morning glory + congee
Another angle
Chicken Skewers
Big ass cat fish

Written from Lexington Hotel, New York City, on November 24, 2019

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