Last Minute Thoughts

Taking Off

This is just a mini collage of the stuff that happened in the last week or so.  Thanks for everyone that came out to hang!!

Sitting in Pearson Airport right now waiting for my flight.  My flight is actually 3:30 and it’s only 2PM. haha fail.

To kill time I am playing poker right now haha.  I’ve run into a couple of bad streaks..bank roll has taken a beating.. sigh.

Anyways, going to take this time to write down (for my own reference) what I need to accomplish asap when I arrive in HK (in 15 hours!)

Convert my moolah

I am currently holding a bank draft worth too much money in my back pocket.  I am actually quite nervous about this.  I am touching my ass every 5 minutes to ensure that it’s still there.

First thing I have to do when I get there is to open a HSBC account and convert my CDN dollars to HKD.  I need to money spend.

Yes this is priority.

Find a place

Although I am staying at my Uncles for the time being, I know I can’t stay there forever!  So I am going to need to do a lot of research on where I should live.  I really don’t know.  I know living is going to be the most expensive thing I need to pay for when I get there.  So hopefully I can find a decent place at a reasonable price.

If my place is big enough you are all welcome to stay.  If it’s not then I am sorry ha ha.

Find a job

err…i am lazy at the moment.  We shall see haha.

Eat good food

Lastly, the first thing i need to eat is a bowl of fishball noodles! it is delicious! haha.

Anyways, going to finish playing my poker game.  I am middle stack.  I hope I leave Canada with a win =( if not my poker career is going to go bankrupt soon =(

From here on, I am going to be blogging about my HK adventures!

Take care!


Edison Chen – Hong Kong Place!

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