John Farrell made the right decision

John Ferrell gets traded to the Boston Red Sox

As you know, John Farrell was the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, and was “traded” to the Boston Red Sox.

This post is not whether the move makes BoSox better, or the Jays worse.  Rather, if I was in John Farrell’s shoes, I think I would’ve done the same thing.

Here’s my two cents:

It’s Boston

Love em or hate em, the Red Sox are to Boston, just like the leafs are to Toronto.  As in, even when they suck, they still sell out or sell near capacity.

Toronto is a Leafs Town (notice how I said not a hockey town =p).  Followed by TFC / Raptors (take your pick), then Jays, then argos.  But leafs will always triumph.  Unless one of the latter wins a championship, then they will probably headline the town for a bit.  But leafs will always be leafs.

Just like the Red Sox.  There’s something prestigious about managing the Boston Red Sox, or the New York Yankees.  You simply just don’t pass it up!

So in this regard, John Farrell dumping the Jays for the Red Sox makes sense.

Just ask Brian Burke (he dumped the ducks for the leafs).  Same analogy applies.

No Extension from Toronto

Lets be honest.  It’s not like the Jays were making it hard for him to leave.  From the reports I read, there were no extension on the table for him.  However, it seemed like the extension was going to be available from the Red Sox.


So let’s say you are currently contracted with a company for one more year.  The company did not indicate whether they would be renewing your contract.

Another company comes along and gives you 2 – 3 years more.  You will then get the stability you wanted for at least another 2 – 3 years.

What would you do?

Yah.  You know what I would do.  Therefore,  I can’t blame Farrell for jumping.

Money Talks

Okay so I didn’t really see any reports about the numerical values of his new contract.

But i think it’s safe to assume the Red Sox were offering a little bit more money than what the Jays were offering.

But i guess this point is based on my assumption.


So in conclusion,  I think John Farrell made the right decision, for himself.  The whole Boston tampering and spreading false rumours about him and AA, thats another story.

But personally, I think he made the right decision for himself.

Anyways, that’s my rant of the day!



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