New Year and Birthday!

New Year Dinner

Well first and foremost happy 2013! Guess the world didn’t end #thingsthatpeopletalkaboutnonstop.

Spent the new years at a friends place.  Played MJ till 4AM.  Missed MJ a lot.  Had fun, good company, good atmosphere.  Hong Kong was PACKED.  So I didn’t dare go venture out.  Maybe I’ll try counting down at a club this year or something.

Don’t really know.

I don’t do new years resolution.  I tend to not stick to it.  I have my goals set last year already, don’t really need to re do them.

But I do wish you all attain your resolutions!


Yah.  Spending the birthday on a plane.  Flight is in about 6 hours (8PM departure).  Everytime I tell someone i am going to India they get super scared.  “All my friends come back sick”.  “There will be a cultural shock”. etc etc.

We shall see.  I am looking forward to visiting this country.  Don’t really know much about it to be honest.

Anyways birthday wishes.  Don’t really got much…lol..Probably buy myself a PS3 when I come back?  I want to play some dynasty warriors..mindless killing.

I m watching the clipper and laker game.  Wow.  Clipper. Lob city.  All they do is alley oops.  lol.

I digress.

Yah I don’t really celebrate birthdays…just another year older.  Sigh.

I am 27..motherfucker.

30s soon.  I hope you all get married soon because I will not have energy to party in 5 years. hahah.  I Keed.

Will blog more once I get to india.  First time in biz class too.  Super excited!

HAPPY 2013

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