Getting to Namsan tower is really easy!! Took a pic of the metro station for easy reference:


Tada! Nam San Tower or N seoul tower.  This was definitely a good visit.  It’s like…the peak in Hong Kong, in Toronto weather haha. Well actually come to think of it..the night view here is comparable to downtown toronto…regardless it was nice




When we reached the top, there was a lot of locks and other stuff locked on to the fences.  There was a Korean Drama that had this memorable scene…i don’t remember the details..but this was how it looked:


So, I decided to get one of ourselves hahaha.  (only costed 11KRW! which is like 110HKD..whic is like..14 bucks CAD)….yea ok may not as cheap as i thought

Anyways here it is:


We locked in a nice place.  i have the keys. ha ha.

In general, I really like Korea.  It reminds me so much of home (toronto). the weather, the space, the fresh air.  Ah Yes.

Anyways, will be working tommorow so not sure if i can do as much sight seeing.  Probably have to wait till the weekend. image

So right now we are staying at the westin, room not as nice as the one in Delhi but that’s okay.

This was today when we were going ot our hotel…this reminds me of North York……haha anyways quick recap of the day!


Ya as mentioned staying the Westin in Seoul.  Room is okay.  View is okay:


I really like the washroom.  The toilet has a warm your seat function so when you go and do # 2  your ass is not cold….nice.



After we landed we walked around the streets of Seoul.  More specifically, walked around an area called Myeongdong in seoul.  It’s an area with lotsa food and stores (for the ladies).  Also a lot of street food and street vendors as well.image


Not the biggest korean food fan, however food here is delicious. For our first night we tried the pork bone soup and pork something stew… I really like the toppoki..or the rice cake thing…(side note I order another toppoki while walking down the streets, it was delicious)

Here’s the pork bone soup (it looked better after we mixed it)


The pork stew


Myy pork bone with three fingers.



Going to try to listen to more korean stuff when im here.  Really like LeeSSang.  And since i am an RM fan..guess i’ll listen to some KJK stuff too haha.  So please do recommend some good k stuff to me(note no K Pop please, unless its SNSD or KJK =p).

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