Background – one coworker had dinner plans with friend.  One co worker got sick.  I am left alone to do damage in Seoul. Went back to the hotel first to change.  Asked concierge where I should go.  She suggested I go to Hongdae.  Since Hongdae was one of the places I want to visit, I decided to give it a go.

Picture added on March 19 2017
Picture added on March 19, 2017

was pretty excited to be honest.  Korea is not exactly known for english, although a lof people do know mandarin.  So i guess i can get by.

With a budget of about $50USD (about 60K KRW), I made my way to the metro.  Here’s a recap:



The concierge gave me a map of the metro system.


Did not even now where i was at. Got her to circle the closest station to the hotel and the station to Hongdae.  Good thing was both were relatively close to each other (about 5 stations apart, on the same line).  As such, embarked on my journey to the metro.


Random, arrived at the metro and saw this lady with puppies and a box. and she just sat there.  had to take a picture.


Took another picture of the metro system map.  This time it just shows the green line (line number 2) in which I was going to ride on. Metro system was pretty nice.  Similar to HK.  Nothing spectacular, though I took a few more creeper pics, as follows:



haha.  anyways arrived at Hongik University station, and got off.



image be honest i am not sure if this is Hongdae.  Hondae is suppose to be an area close to the university, where people party.  There are a lot of bars.  I am just not sure if I was at Hongdae, because I was just told to get off at this station. hahah. so.  I am going to assume I went to Hongdae. Until someone with more korean knowledge tells me otherwise.

Walked around with the mission to find food. And then I realized I was f*cked.  Everything was in Korean. lol. Nobdoy knew english.  Not exactly sure how i was going to order…my back up plan was to just randomly point to a picture in the menu.. luckily after walking for 20 minutes I found a resto with english translation of the i went in there..

and of course they didn’t know english. got the menu..and just pointed at some meat dish. lol. here it is.


Yes. It was delicious.

After my meal, I had to go to the washroom. hahah.

Observe the following picture:


YA SERIOUSLY how the hell am i suppose to know which one is for the dudes and which is the dudettes!?!?!?!?

luckily…i saw a guy came out from the righ tone…so..i went to the right one…..

After meal walked around some more.  Since I was close to the university, I thought I go check it out and take a picture. and so I did. tada:



Went back to the hotel afterwards, and started typing this.  haha.

Korea’s been good, and fun. It’s a National holiday on Friday..but..we wlil be working..from the hotel..but I believe we are going to party on friday.

Of course we had to go Gangnam.

Yes……also will be going to DMZ on saturday..that should be interesting..

Till next time laters


Featuring my beloved ji hyo.

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