Gangnam and DMZ


Well as the title suggests, went to visit Gangnam and DMZ over the weekend.  dead tired.  Have to get this post in though since the week is going to be busy.

Anyways, here’s the recap:



Streets of Gangnam.  We decided to visit this area since..the song was so popular lol.  it’s a high end area, but nothing was really going on here. Although it could have been because it was a national holiday in Korea (this was the friday). walked around the area, and went to a restaurant that was recommended by the Mcdonald’s korea people.


Yes, food was delicious.

Afterwards, we took a taxi and went to Hongdae (the same area I blogged about last time).  Here, we drank.  Like mad. Went to two bars.  did some soju bomb.


and this was my undoing haha.   We walked around the area and some more…and of course we ended in a club..


Sorry couldn’t take bigger pix.  it was a fun night.  The shitty thing was..our DMZ tour would start at 8AM of the next morning…crap-.-


Woke up at 7 of the next morning (got back at 3) so i was dying.  But this something I really wanted to see.  You see all the pictures of the DMZ, so I wanted to experience it first hand.

Our tour was for the whole day (8 – 5), with a lot of stuff on the itinerary.  First stop, was a tunnel that the South Koreans found.  Apparently the North dug tunnels into Seoul.  We went underground via Monorail:


Once we got there, we walked down a very very narrow path.  Head was hitting the ceiling every 5 seconds.  Bascially just walked around…lol..


Got back out, took a pic with the DMZ sign.


Next stop we went to the observatory where you can see North Korea. I am sorry about the shitty pic,they wouldn’t let us take a picture here.  I snuck this one in.  If you look closely you will see some villages and buildings of the north.


After the observatory, we visited the Dorasan Station.  This station was built to connect South Korea and North Korea.  However, no trains are running yet (for obvious reasons).



Again, station was built to go to Pyeongyang (capital of North Korea).


Another cool thiing was we got to visit the tracks of the station. tada!


This was at the tracks…meaningful.


Finally! the highlight of the tour! visited the JSA (joint security area) where negotiations take place between the North and South.  The middle of the blue buildings separates the North and South border.  The soldiers you see here are from the UN (or south Korea? not sure).  They are basically monitoring the building across (the white building).  that is the North korean building.


Took a close up of the North Korean building, and saw the North Korean solider! He had his binoculars on.  Apparently, there are cameraman inside the building, and they take photos of all the visitors.  So i guess if you are afraid of being recorded by the North Koreans, dont go..hahaha.


Above picture was taken inside one of the blue buildings (called MAC..forgot what it stands for).  this is again a JSA solider.  Tough guy!

Finally, took a picture of the infamous desk.  The microphones on the desk officially represents the border between North and South Korea.  So technically, I was in North Korea, albeit for only 5 minutes.


Really like korea.  We went to this bar called Zen bar after..but i was too tired to take a picture..maybe this weekend haha…

Don’t know if I can make any more posts this week..going to be hellish I think..


Pretty sure i posted this song before..reposting it again because I’ve been listening to Leesang a lot in Korea.


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