Sire ma..and other stuff

Sire Ma, HK Actressimage
Yes. She is on the current drama “Will Power”.  I think shes super cute.  Don’t hate.


I need to pick my posts up.  averaging one post a week. baddd.

having a writers block though…really don’t know what to type.  Going to do a random post..trying to write some stuff out haha

as mentioned in my previous posts..been pretty busy with life.  Trying to organize my life in order.  In dire need of a beer.  Where my peeps at?


mmmm..that girl is pretty cute.

So some of my buddies are getting married!

Weird transition….


Time flies.  Everyone is starting to get married, have kids etc.  Don’t know how people do it though, I don’t feel like i can settle down anytime soon..but then im an asshole. So……it doesn’t really matter.

Happy for those that could do.  Awesome life awaits.  Hope i can go to all the weddings / bachs.  It will be total awesomeness.  Come to think of it haven’t really went to a bach party in a long while….haha.  Will fly to Canada many times next year….if le job allows.

Eminem is a rap god, rap god….you’ve proably seen me post some of songs up on FB.  Yo his new shit is sooooo goood..imo.. his lyrical delivery is second to none.  I don’t know how anyone can spit so clearly like he does. Crazyyyy. . and this is live too…I got the CD two days ago. Has been on repeat non stop, other than sleeping.

I envy people with these kind of talents.  I.e. singing, rapping, dancing, drawing, designing etc.  I wish i could have one of those talents.  I think that’s what I need to do.  Just devote half my time in mastering a creative skill…I just don’t know where to start.

No excuses.  Time to do some research.

Speaking of time..I signed up to do my CFE exam.  I have not studied.  Shit. I think i m just going to study for 3 days straight and then try to write the exam…….that’s what i did in uni so should…work?

Whoa. EMO moment.

Let’s have a moment of silence.






Companionship versus no commitments. 

I think i found the topic of my next post.

Good, this random post has served it’s purpose. haha. ciao world.

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