Tea over Coffee Please!!!

“You want to grab a coffee??”. You hear this constanlty at work. But why, why cant it be “you want to grab a tea??”. There are coffee drinkers. And there are tea drinkers. But It appears to me though coffee drinkers have more pride than us tea drinkers!

Admittedly, I used to drink a lot of coffee back in my big four accounting days. (Side notr caramel macchaito is heaven in your mouth). However, after my stomache problems became a recurring item in my life, I had to stop drinking coffee. I am not suggesting coffee waa the culprit of my lain, because even when i stopped i still had it.

What i am trying to say though, is ever since i started drinking tea in the morning the pain have subsided for the most part. Other than the days when i drink, a lot. But thats something hard to give up.

Tea helps with your digestive system, so thats why it probably helped me. It also does have caffeine so it still gives you a good boost during the day.
I also dont crash early in the afternoon, which would happen when i have a coffee in the morning. I felt like i was on drugs while drinking coffee, so i had to get rid of that addiction!!

So next time, why dont you grab a tea and try it out???


2 thoughts on “Tea over Coffee Please!!!

  1. Can u suggest a good tasting tea with no after taste. If I don’t find one soon I might go back to coffee. I like one that relaxes at nite and one that uplifts in the daytime, like a coffee boost. Some energy!

    1. I usually drink chinese tea so not sure if that suits your taste!

      I find most chinese tea gives a bit of a bitter after taste, so that may not be what you are looking for!

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