Mount Tibidabo

What a view of Barcelona!Another place with a great view of the city. Getting here was quite complex. I took the metro, then switched to a train, then hopped on a tram and then a bus to get to the top of the mountain.
You can google the details on how to get there, as this is a popular place so there will be a lot of directions.

La Rambla1


This is the square in which the famous La Rambla begins. It is a very popular tourist area, with a lot of shops and restaurants. I was told by my European co workers though to not eat anything in La Rambla, as it is a tourist trap and the food is not really authentic. So that’s something good to know if you are going to walk through La Rambla.

There are also a lot of interesting street performances here. Took a picture of the scary alien:



If you walk all the way to the end from La Rambla, you will hit a beach. This is one of my regrets, in that I did not spend more time here as the beaches looked really relaxing and comfortable. Instead, I came here at night. Although there was still a lot of people at night!! Took a stroll here, and took one of my favorite pictures so far:


Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous.

See ya later Barcelona!

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