Giovanni’s is an italian restaurant located on the top floor of the Sheraton at Hongqiao.  This is also an award winning italian restaurant (per some websites that I read anyways).  My conclusion?

It was alright.


Now, something did happen at the end of the night but I will get to that later.  What I ordered was pizza (duh):

I’ve had better pizza.  By that I meant the pizza for some reason did not have as much flavor as I hoped it would have.  The pizza was also quite thick, which I usually like but this one was different.  It was actually kind of tough, like I was eating raw dough.  Yep, was not impressed about this.

What saved this meal was the soup.  I ordered the mushroom soup and absolutely loved it. I think next time I will just order a salad, and then load up on the soup.
The restaurant ambience was nice, as we were able to get a window seat.  Of course since we were at Hongqiao, you would not get a great view like you would get at the Bund.  That being said, I was still happy (I am usually laid back and don’t get bothered with much) but the attitude that we received from the Assistant Manager of the restaurant was simply, bad and absurd.  I don’t want to get into details, but as a five star hotel I expected much better customer service.

Long story short, a drink that we ordered did not taste right.  We tried to cancel it but the Assistant Manager says that the problem is with our taste buds, and that the drink was fine.  Er..okay…the beverage was only 5% of the total bill so the money was not an issue.  The assistant manager could’ve handled the situation much better.

Kudos to the restaurant management team, as they responded to my angry email fairly quickly.  Don’t know I will come back still though.

Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Sorry I didn’t take much pictures, I wasn’t in the mood as you can see.  Alright, Zen time.

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