It was a nice breezy day in Shanghai. We have been walking around for 3 hours or more.  We were getting tired and was in dire need of a drink.  Since we were at the bund, we decided to to the Jin Mao Tower in Pudong.


Jin Mao tower, or the Hyatt Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Pu Dong.  It also has a lot of bars and restaurants for you to spend time on =p

We at first tried to go to the bar at the top of floor of the tower, but found out the minimum charge was something ridiculous, like  RMB500 each…which of course is wayyyyy above my pay grade.  So we decided to settle for a bar at a lower level.

When I say lower level, I really mean the bar at the 50+ floor.  It was still really high lol.  This tower gives one of the best views of Shanghai (from the Pu Dong perspective of course).

I don’t remember the name of the bar, but it’s the one where there is no minimum charge.  There isn’t much bars in this tower that has this, so I am sure you can find it.  They also had a string quarter performing in the background, so it was nice a resting stop for us, and I hope it will be for you as well =)

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