I apologize for posting picture of a half eaten dish of dumplings.  Obviously, this WAS SO GOOD that I forgot to take a pictures of it in the beginning.  This meal was from the popular restaurant called Ding Tai Fung.

One of the best dumplings you will find anywhere in the world.  Originating from Taiwan it now can be found in many countries, including Australia, China and Korea!


Surprisingly, the Ding Tai Fung near our hotel (Sheraton Hong Qiao) was not that full.  I recall I had to wait for about 30 minutes for the one in Taiwan, and it was already 8PM.  Oh well, works out well for us.

We ordered many dishes, including dumplings (duh), my favorite pork fried rice dish, some vegetables, and a meat dish.  Was so full. But why are the dumplings so famous you ask?  I think it’s due to the thinness of the dumpling skin, and the soup that is inside.  You better be careful when eating one of these soup filled dumplings, as it can stain your shirt very easily.

Another dish I recommend is the having dumpling desert.  Yes you got that right.  Another favorite dish of mine is the red bean dumpling. SO GOOD.  I would love to explain what the taste is, but I can’t.  Because any word I would try to use to describe this awesome dish will only do it injustice.

Just Try It.

The interior of the restaurant was pretty cool too, with pictures of various celebrities and their signatures (I believe it is real).  I even saw one of Hebe.  Life is now complete.
The website of Ding Tai Fung is here


There you can find the many locations of Ding Tai Fung around the globe.  For those in Toronto, you may recall there was a restaurant called Ding Tai Fung.  This is a fake one I have been told so be warned!

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