I feel like I have seen 80% of the must see sights in Shanghai.  Running out of things to do, I reviewed the tourist brochures the hotel offered.

One place that popped up was the Nanxiang Old Street.

Not sure why, but I am a big fan of old historical sites.  Getting there was not easy,


I took line 11 all the way to the Nan Xiang stop, which took me about 45 minutes (I was living at Hong Qiao).

Once I got there, I had to hail a tax to get to the actual Old Street, which wasn’t too expensive because the actual place is only 10 minutes away.  Once I got there, I realize the old street is half night market / half local eateries.  It was cool, but probably won’t visit again, just for the distance alone it wasn’t worth it.

There were some wicked architectures like the following:


It was late at night so a lot of shops were closed.  Spent about 30 minutes here before deciding to head back to my hotel.  My recommendation? Go to the Shanghai Old Street near the bund instead, more things to do, more tihngs to eat more things to do!

That being said, there were some good locations to take nice photos.  Such as the following:

Looks kind of spooky actually now that I look at this picture.  Not a lot of lighting as you can see.

This seems like a negative review of this place, but I am sure the locals would say other wise =)


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