We are asian, so we always crave asian food when we don’t have enough of it.  I am also a big pho / Vietnamese lover (I really need to visit Vietnam to eat some authentic viet food), and per Daisy’s friends recommendation we tried out this restaurant called “The Vietnamese”.  Well you can’t miss it with that kind of name.



The place was pretty packed, which was impressive considering half of Brisbane downtown was empty.  My hopes were high initially when I saw this, like “YES” finally a great PHO place.  It’s impossible to find a good Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong.  No matter how hard I try, it’s not possible.  So maybe this restaurant will finally do it justice.


I ordered the beef noodles, of course.  What else would I order?  How was it? It was much better than the ones in Hong Kong, but not being biased here TORONTO STILL HAS THE BEST PHO ANYWHERE.  It’s all about the soup base.  Toronto has got it down to a notch.  I still challenge anyone to find me a good viet restaurant that’s better than Toronto. Yes….accept my challenge please.

We also ordered a chicken dish because we were all starving.  The chicken was good too…but not as good as the Tung Bo in Hong Kong.  I am spoiled…….but really it’s not that bad.  I feel like this is such a negative post.


I am no food expert so I am sure this is really good.  And finally, I ordered beer.  JB to be exact, which is an Australian beer.  Not bad.


Too bad it wasn’t on tap, I mean tap is always better than bottled right?

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