Choi’s Cooking Episode 6 – Salmon, Meatballs, Veggies, Tomato Sauce (Weird Mix)

Yes, this dish was quite random.  I was walking around the supermarket during lunch, wandering up and down the aisles without a clue what to make for dinner.  So instead I just bought everything that I wanted to eat.  Salmon? Check.  Meatballs? Check.  Tomato Sauce? Check.  Veggies? Wait i have a lot of frozen vegetables already haha so no check.

Went home, still without a clue of what to make, given that the stuff I bought didn’t really go together.

Didn’t go together..then I thought…why don’t I just throw everything together?  This way i can:

1) Save time

2) Be adventurous

3) Wash less pots

Sure let’s do it.


Boiled water for the frozen veggies, heated up the pan for the meatballs and the salmon.  I was actually multi cooking (equivalent of multi tasking, I don’t know if I just made that term up).  I am a newb at this remember, so this was quite a feat.

Cooked the veggies, poured it onto a plate, and then proceeded to cook the sauce.  During this time I was cooking my meatballs and salmon.  When the sauce was almost done, I poured the meatballs into the same pot and just stirred it.  Turned off the heat and let it sit while I tended to my awesome salmon.  Once the salmon was done (refer to my previous post as to how to make sure salmon is cooked), I placed it onto the same plate as the veggies.

Then i proceeded pour both the tomato sauce and meatballs allllllll over the veggies. hahahaha.

Sometimes when you just free style, life gives you surprises =)



  1. Great recipe idea, I look forward to seeing more you post!! 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

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