Uber Offices Raided in China…why?

I am a frequent traveler to China (specifically Guangzhou and Shanghai), and although I enjoy both cities for the most part one thing that has always bothered / annoyed / angry about China is the local taxi drivers.  I know some people have already complained how oversea taxi drivers are bad, but trust me you don’t know bad till you have ridden in a China taxi.
That’s why I was a bit irked when the Uber offices in China were raided by officials – Click for Forbes Article

Now I get the legality issues of having “private drivers”.   But I’ve ridden in Uber Taxis numerous times now, and I can tell you that are super safe.  Not to mention they are efficient, polite and actually know how to get to the destination you requested.

The local chinese taxi drivers? I can’t say all of them are bad, but the majority of our experiences have been negative.  Dirty cars, rude drivers, drivers that would not know how to get to your destinations and actually yell at you for not knowing.

Because they have a monopoly on the industry they have been spoiled thinking that since the public transportation is not as good, you have to rely on them.

Now they are crying because someone is in town, doing a better job than them, and taking their money.

Tough, deal with it.  Why don’t you focus on customer service for a change? Then maybe you have a case.

Why do we now live in a society where it seems like people think they are “entitled” to everything? No, you need to work for it.  If someone is beating you on your own game, then maybe it’s time to reflect and have some action plans.

Uber China I support you.

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