Hunter Valley


Man what a fucking fail…Scarborough Vineyards was my favorite Vineyard in Hunter Valley….I loved it so much that I didn’t bother taking a picture inside.  So yes…unfortunately you will not be able to see how it looks.

But hey, I am recommending it so you should go regardless.  What’s so good about the Scarborough Vineyards?? Why their wine of course! we tasted 6 wines.  all were so yummy.



I even bought one myself!  Yes, next time I go back to the Hunter Valley I will definitely come back and load up on some new wine.  I haven’t drank my wine as of the date of this post…but I will.



Actually I am kind of worried that the wine will go bad because I am just leaving it out at my home…and it’s fucking hot in Hong Kong.

But I don’t have enough money to invest in a proper wine cellar.  Oh well.  It will just have to hold up.

The wines weren’t that expensive either, expect 18 – 25 AUD per bottle? It’s not bad at all for delicious wine.

That’s all I have! Enjoy the pictures I took outside of the winery =p

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 26 2016


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