Hong Kong


Dim sum time! To be honest I am not the biggest dim sum guy around.

I personally feel like the dim sums takes forever to come, and it’s so damn expensive.  Plus I am not a patient guy when it comes to waiting for food.

Why am I paying and waiting to eat 4 pieces of shrimp dumplings.



Why.  But when my dad said if I wanted to check out this dim sum place called Luk Yu Teahouse I said okay.


Not for the food, but because of the atmosphere and ambiance.  This place has been around forever which you can tell by the decor of the restaurant. I liked it.  The food was super damn expensive though.  On average each dish was priced around 70 – 80 HKD.

Fuck thattttt shittt.

Although they did have a lot of dishes that you cannot find anywhere else.  Like the combination of the dim sums…yeah was interesting.


We only ate like 3 plates because it was too pricey for us.  We went to another restaurant afterwards to get full.  We drank tea from cups, like super cool designed cups.  But it was burning my fingers and making me really tired every time I had to pour.

Hence why I didn’t drink any tea.  Until I was told it costed 10HKD.  I proceeded to then drink my tea leaves dry.

Not going to come for the food, but maybe once in awhile with special people just to enjoy the unique environment.

Written from Riyadh, Sheraton on May 11, 2016.

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