Airlie Beach


I got no hate for man made beaches.

Hell they are probably better than most of the natural beaches out there, so why hate on it?
I mean if the man made beach came out as an ugly ass beachh then whoever was in charge of creating the beach needs to be fired or at a minimum get yelled at.


It is like you getting a plastic surgery and you come out as an ugly ass little bitch. Your surgeon is going to get some hurting I can gaurantee that.
But most of time the results are good, hence why there are professionals right? Yes.



We did not stay at the Boathaven beach because it was damn windy when we were there.  And that ain’t good beach weather. Plus the sun wasn’t out anymore and I wouldn’t be able to get my tan on…so said fuck it.
It was a nice beach though, walked along the water for a bit before heading back to town. Starting to have an affinity for beaches, when I was young I used to hate going to these places.

Now I look forward to beach excursions, possibly because I know I will get a napping session in. And I can’t complain about that.

Written on the Virgin Australia Flight to Sydney, on June 13 2016

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