We chose to eat at Capri on our very first night of our 4 day vacation because we were very lazy.

The theme of our Shenzhen vacation is laziness and do nothing if possible.  Therefore we did not want to venture out, particularly on our first night here.  And I was also craving some good italian food so hey why not try the Italian Restaurant that is just 8 levels down?



We ordered the cheesy pizza and a lasagna, to share.

Was this too little?

Probably but dude we ain’t rich we can’t afford so much food at a classy Italian restaurant.  We ended up ordering a bottle of wine though which set us back RMB400, but whatever.  we are on vacation.  Just contradicted myself.  I really liked the wine that we got, it was called Torentes or something? I don’t know…the picture is too fuzzy for me to figure out.


The pizza, was okay.

I don’t think I am giving it a lot of stars because there was no meat which really isn’t the restaurant’s fault.  More like we failed in ordering.  The Lasagna was meh, don’t think it was worth the price.


The star of the dinner?

The fucking delicious Tiramisu.  Sheraton hotels in general make a badass Tiramisu so if you ever have the chance to stay in one, I definitely recommend to try it.  I really like the Tiramisu.  Man I wish I could order it everyday.


There wasn’t a lot of people when we were dining that night, maybe because it was a week day? Maybe because it was expensive?  Maybe people know better places to eat at.

But if you are lazy and is staying at the Sheraton Dameisha, then it’s worth a visit.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 4 2016


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