Hunter Valley


My pulled pork looks burnt.

Look at that shit on the bottom right corner.  It looks burnt.  Don’t see it? Here’s  a close up of it:



It looks burnt.  This pulled pork was made at the Deck Cafe in Lovedale, which is somewhere in Hunter Valley.  We came here because we were drinking at the Vineyard that was connected to this cafe.  Yeah, I guess it was fate that we had to come here.

I didn’t have to order this pulled pork.  I could have ordered something else, something better, something not burnt.

But it was just not meant to be.

I was just meant to eat burnt pulled pork.  Moving on.


This is the menu at the Deck Cafe, as you can see there are a lot of options to choose from. I could have chosen any item on this menu, yet I chose to go for the “special”.  Which was a burnt pulled pork.


Not all was lost though as my two lovely coworkers ordered some good dishes, including the sheppards Pie (I think that’s what she ordered), and some salmon dish (again I think).  I don’t really remember because I was busy eating my burnt pulled pork.

The burnt pulled pork is all I remember from this place.  But again, judging from the looks of the other two dishes, it does not appear this place is shitty.  Hell there were even reservations at lunch time.  Can’t  be that bad.




Just don’t order the pulled pork.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 18 2016

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