Okay so here’s a question.

What do you think my first meal in Moscow would be?  Authentic Russian Food?  Hell no.

It would a burger.

A kick ass burger, at a kick ass restaurant that is called City Space.  This bar / lounge / restaurant is located on the top floor of the Swissotel that I was staying in.  Truth be told I came here because I was damn tired after at 12+ hour flight to Moscow.  I just wanted to eat somewhere close, and since this place came highly recommended by my peers I decided to try it out.



I naturally, ordered the burger.  As you can tell from the picture this was super good, and super delicious.  Yep, it’s not of those foods where it only looks good but is shitty to eat.  It looks good, tastes good.

Super recommend it.

And yes that’s a Cesar drink that you see.  It was delicious too. So now that I have gave two thumbs up to the food, how about the view?

I mean I did mention it was on top of the hotel.


And when I say on top, I mean on the 33rd floor of the hotel.  That is pretty damn high up.

So naturally, you would get an awesome view of Moscow.  And great view is what I got.  You got to see all of downtown Moscow, including the Kremlin walls and St Basil Cathedral.  I would assume the night view here is equally as impressive, but because the sun doesn’t set till 10PM here (not kidding) I wasn’t able to capture it.

Give me a break please, I am still jet lagged.



Super recommend City Space for all your romantics out there.  Super recommend City Space for all you single people out there as well.  The food, view and atmosphere is awesome.


Written from Moscow, Swissotel on July 18 2016


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