Listen.  I do not have one single artistic / creative cell in my body.

I just don’t have it.  You give me an art and I am just going to say it looks like someone shat on it and then called it art.  I don’t understand colors, shapes,
“brushes”, “artistic methods” on how to draw something.  Hell, I can’t even draw a circle or shape.

So why the hell did I end up in the Van Gogh Art Museum?



It was pretty simple, I was intoxicated and threw up on some foreign objects.  As such, I needed fresh air and because my friend wanted to check out the Van Gogh Art Museum I said yes let’s do it because I am dying in the living room.

I really needed fresh air.

Okay, another honest fact from me: I have no idea who Van Gogh was.  Yes yes, I am not cultured blah blah.  I did look it up after the Amsterdam Trip…some quirky facts:

  • he was dutch ( no shit!)
  • he seemed to develop a wide variety of artistic “expressions”.  I like the word “expressions”, I wonder if I can apply it to my day to day auditing job.  “Expressions”.
  • He apparently went crazy in his later years
  • He shot himself (that’s sad…..)


Cool.  So yeah, we went to the art museum and look at his artwork.  I was listening to my peers talk about the “strokes” and the way he used his colors and how it was so magnificent, I just looked on like a dumbass.  I really didn’t know how to participate in that conversation.  Made me feel like a dumbass.

I should take some culture / art classes so I don’t look like a dumbass next time.  I also forgot to bring my headphones.  I could have just put on some music and then looked at art for 3 hours straight.
4Meh next time.

Here’s a tip, order online.  That way you don’t need to buy tickets and line up balhblaha.  Getting a head of the line is something that is a must do when you are traveling.


Go art go.

Written from Riyadh, Sheraton on May 14, 2016.


  1. You miss the he had cut his ear off and he didn’t die immediately as he shot in a wrong manner. Oh he became famous after his death. I hope you had fun in my Hometown!

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