Why am I writing a post about Qatar Airways?

Because I have a two hour layover, its 430AM local time, and I have nothing else better to do.

It was also my first time flying Qatar Airways. Heard good things about it, and I must say yes it is pretty good.

They have designed their planes so that they overhead compartents do not take up too much space, this gives the image of the plane being bigger and more spacious.  I also liked the purple colored theme, it’s very….cozy I must say.


I didn’t get to enjoy much of the ride because my damn back was cramping up the whole time.  Just did a google of the potential causes and it’s scary as shit.

So screw not it…..not going to talk about it here.


I had a two hour layover in Doha, so I headed to the lounge to clean my body, and to pick up a late night / early morning snack.  The beef sandwich came highly recommended, so I ordered it.  Yes it was damn delicious.


Will I recommend Qatar Airways? hell yeah I would.  So good. So good.

I think it’s suppose to be inline with Singapore Airlines in terms of epicness and first classness.  Those two are not even words.

okay that’s enough blabbing on my end! Time to board.

In an hour..

Written from Doha, Qatar Airways Business Lounge on July 16, 2016


    1. Oh my! What a little selection on a foggy morning here in the UK! Err, I would go for those loungers in front of the infinity pool please! That first image is wonderful! Lou xP.S. I saw you were featured on ble..er.ggwoll done you…your blog is an inspiration; much deserved.

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