Burgermeister Beer Restaurant near the red square.

Good location, good terrace. Shitty Food.


As I have mentioned many times in my blog, eating in a touristy area always has its cons.  That includes shitty food at a high price.

This particular eating session was a good example.  We were exhausted after a 2 hour tour inside the Kremlin walls.  Naturally we were thirsty and was craving a solid cold beer.  That’s when we saw this restaurant called “Beer Restaurant”.

I thought it was a gift from present.

Turned out to be a shit from hell.


We ordered the wings and bear dumpling as starters. I never had bear before. Tasted like pork to me, that dish I enjoyed.  Almost felt like I was back in HK! Just give me some noodles and this is almost like a good ol wonton noodle dish.

The wings were meh. Small portion. Not a lot of taste. The celery sticks were better than the wings itself.

I ordered a burger.

Burger was small, patty was dry, the condiments were not meshing well together. Overall a fail of a burger.



But then it could also be me that is a fail. I keep ordering burgers in foreign places, when I should be eating out at russian restaurants. Yeah i know.

Hopefully I will get to eat some authentic russian food later in my trip.

Written from Patriarch’s Pond, Moscow on July 24, 2016


  1. There are so many amazing restaurants in Moscow. Why did you choose this one? 🙂 Btw I tend to think that if a restaurant serves beer in glasses with some beer brand’s name on them, it inherently can’t be a very high-end restaurant.

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