I got nothing but positive vibes for this particular post.

Prime Restaurant located at the Millennium Hilton came as a recommendation from theleeday.  She knows her food so for sure this was going to be a home run.  And home run it was!


Let’s do away the obvious first.  The view is amazing.  It’s right by the river, and if you are lucky request a seat by the window.  Gorgeous view, can sit here forever.  Quiet as well but probably because the place is a bit pricey.  But hey, when it’s a big event or celebration you have to go big right?  Lucky for us we got a seat by the window.  Awesomenessssssss.

They even got my name right =p




This is a steakhouse, so we ordered the Prime Ceasar Salad.  Huh? Yes we ordered it because it got really good reviews online. Not too mention they toss it front of you.  Something about tossing a salad in front of you that make it extra delicious.

It was delicious.

They added anchovies to the salad dressing so that the end salad product would be a bit salty.  Just my kind of salad.

Then we had steak.  Well we had to right, you didn’t think we would just end at the salad would you know?  So this place actually won quite a bit of awards.  It was even recommended by CNN!  Not that I trust much from CNN.. but that’s for a rant for another time.


The steak was damn delicious.  I ordered the NY Striploin, for no apparent reason.  I just wanted a NY striploin.  Great steak.  Easy to chew, juicy, delicious.

Just delicious.

We also ordered desert because we wanted to pig out.  Ordered the Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream…I think I order apple crumbles because I love ice cream.  Who doesn’t like ice cream?  If you don’t then get the fuck out of here.

One more awesome thing.  The restaurant had a promotion where if you ordered more than 4000 THB then you get a free bottle of wine.  Uh…just the two steaks alone would have been over 4000THB.  And for free wine it was not too bad! Loved it!



Loved this place! The place was pricey, but if you compared to HK it’s actually a really good deal given the amount of quality food we got.

And we got a free wine.

Now that, you cannot top.

Written from Guangzhou, Westin Hotel on July 11 2016


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