2016 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – August 2016


August 1 – T8 in Hong Kong and I am in Moscow.  Asshole Mother Nature.

August 2 – it’s time to go home.

August 4 – Missed out on my stock opportunity

August 6 – Hello Doha!

August 8 – got a Go Pro!

August 9 – Jet lag………

August 10 – Screwed up my Go Pro accessories purchases……

August 12 – Studying a lot of stocks

August 13 – could not go rock climbing…

August 14 – back in sydney..again

August 16 – 2 hour time differences are brutal

August 19 – cant get good sleep in sydney!!

August 20 – looking at my travel schedule exhausts me

August 21 – Relaxing Weekend! great drive to wollongong

August 23 – Beginning to really like learning about investing in stocks

August 24 – Rainy day in Sydney

August 25 – Almost time to go back home!! Toronto that is =)

August 27 – Back in HK! So hot! Don’t want to do house chores

August 28 – Today I will see Aaron Kwok!

August 29 – Still high from the Aaron Kwok concert

August 30 – on my way to vancouver!

August 31 – Why I bought PCCW I have no idea

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