Museums are awesome because you learn so much! ha ha.

Museums are so not my thing…but because I had absolutely nothing to do in Riyadh, I was more or less forced to go to the National Museum in Riyadh.

Which in hindsight, was an awesome idea!



Pat on the back for me! All credits to me! haha, but seriously I have to thank my local friend.  Without him taking me there I probably would not have gone there myself.  1) Because I don’t know the way 2) i don’t speak the language 3) i don’t want to stress on how to get home.

So all was well when my local friend said “sure, I will take you there”.


I think the entrance fee was about 10 Saudi Dollars, which is about 3USD.  Pretty damn cheap for a museum of this size.  Not kidding, this is one big ass museum.  I think there were at least 3 floors.

Let me put it this way, we didn’t spent too much time on each exhibit and it still lasted 1.5 hours! I don’t think I have ever spent that much time in a museum lol.

Although I was really interested in the history of Islam, it’s one of the things I wanted to learn upon coming to Saudi Arabia.  I saw this really old book of the Quaran.  Don’t know arabic, so couldn’t understand it but it’s the holy bible of Islam so it’s important.


Even if you are not into the history of Islam, it’s worth to come here.  The museum tells the story of Earth’s history, from the dinosaur age to modern day Saudi Arabia.

I recommend all islams / non islams to come and visit this place!

Written from Riyadh, Sheraton on May 22, 2016.

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