Hong Kong



Why do we have such fancy names.

“Promenade”.   Walking by the “Promenade”.  Seriously.  It’s called a water front.  I walked along the water front.  I am going to stick with that.

It was a hot saturday afternoon, so of course we decided to be healthy and walk along the “water front” (http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/parks/mospd/index.html).

I really should start ” ” the word water front.  It’s kind of annoying.

The promenade or water front is located in ma on shan, it was only about a 5 minute walk from the station.  Good thing was you walk through a mall before getting here, so at least you get to chill out a bit before venturing out into the hotness that’s called Hong Kong humidity.


I really hate the humidity here, I get wet, sticky, sweaty, hot etc etc.  All bad combinations.


The walk was worth it.  The best part is there is not a lot of people here, unlike TST or MK or central.  So it’s a nice get away.  Although next time I will be smarter and not go in the early afternoon.  Should get later in the evening (like 5 – 6).  Maybe an after dinner stroll?

Another thing I want to vent about, is why the hell is there no restaurants / bar located along the water front?  This is literally prime location for those establishments.  I am fucking hot and thirsty, I wanted a beer.  Why were there no beers selling at this place.   Such good business opportunities lost.

I should be an urban planner.  But then everywhere would be restaurants and bar.  But it would be a great tourist attraction no?

Oh there is also a park here.  We walked through the park, and found one of those pebble roads. I LOVEEEE pebble roads.  It’s suppose to stimulate your circulation, and also it lets you know if you body has a lot of problems.  You would know this if your foot is hurting like crazy while walking on the pebbles.

I recommend you taking off your socks for this for the full effect.  Eh don’t worry, you’re going to shower anyways right?  Just try it, stop complaining.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 30, 2016.

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