Hunter Valley


Gemelli Vineyard was empty when we got there…..

Felt kind of bad.  The other vineyards that we have visited during our trip in Hunter Valley was full of people.  Here, there was only one women behind the counter.  And it was a bit cold too.  It was kind of depressing.


But why is it empty?

I mean the wine was pretty good I thought.  Otherwise I would not have purchased a bottle. This was a relatively new Vineyard (opened in 2011) so maybe it’s not as known as the other places.  It was also not on the main road so it is a bit of a bitch to find this place.  Don’t even know how we ended up at this place.  It’s a nice little place, but again too deserted for me.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Gemelli is Italian for twins and 5 years ago this is where we decided to let our twins grow up. Surrounded by 25 year old Chardonnay, Merlot and Muscat vines. Kangaroos bounding past your door and birds chirping in the trees.

A lot of hard work has gone in to making Gemelli Estate what it is today – our passion, our home and our dream.

We want our guests to enjoy it as much as we do, so you’ll be greeted by family for an exclusive wine tasting from our boutique range.

You can relax here at Gemelli Estate with leather lounges upstairs in our Art Gallery or outdoor seating overlooking the vines.

A perfect place to laze away the afternoon; whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese platter  or one of our monthly High Teas, you will be surrounded by beautiful gardens, magnificent views and of course GREAT WINE.

I had no idea Gemelli was twins in Italian.  Score! Learned something new today.  Who says you cannot learn whlie drinking =p

And like Blueberry Hills they offer accommodation…interesting.


I will drink the wine soon when I get back to HK…hopefully I will remember to comment how it was.  I hope it’s good, when I tasted the wine it was good.  If it’s anything but good when I drink it at home I will be fucking angry.

Written from Sydney, Sheraton on June 23 2016

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