Alright if you are an avid shopper then I super recommend you to come to the weekend market in Bangkok called Chatuchak.

Let me start with this, there is over 8000 stores to go through!

Obviously we did not not go through all 8000 shops because we will never be able to catch our flights on time.




Saw some really interesting, weird ass products here such as this banana shaped soap.

We walked and walked and because there were so many aisles and shops, we chose the ones that looked more interesting to us. Why we ended up at this aisle selling jeans from the USA I do not know.

Were they even made from the US? I recall after this we decided to skip all clothing aisles haha. I mean, I already have a lot of clothes, too much clutter in my life, need to throw some shit out.


After walking for hours we were really tired, so we had to get in our caffeine fixed. There was a nice little cafe located in side the market. Fuck Yeah.



Also some artsy shit for you artsy people. Almost wanted to buy some of the paintings, because I am some artsy shit you know?



The market is made of 27 sections.  If you would like to know what is sold in each section, I highly recommend you to check out other blogs.

This ain’t no instructional blog that does everything for you.  Get off your lazy ass yah?

Seriously, just google the market and you will get all the information you need.

which leads to my next question…why are you even reading this post?

haha just joking, thanks for dropping byyyy

Written from Bangkok, W Hotel on July 10 2016

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