We have been to Fourteen before for a closing dinner.

However at that time we had set menus because we were on a limited budget.  So we decided this time around we would try their a la carte. And no it’s not that we have an unlimited budgeted, we ordered responsibly.


Yeah, meh, it was okay.  The concept once again was to share food, so automatically I deducted one point.

And there wasn’t really a dish that we ordered that was LIKE wow shit this is awesome I need to order it again.


Or am I just being arrogant and obnoxious? It’s not like I won any award in food tasting.  Some would even say my palette is shit because the food they like I don’t, and the food I love they hate.  I guess this is more of a personal preference, who is to say the food at Fourteen is good or not.

But this is my blog, my vehicle, my communication channel.

So yes this is my opinion and you can’t do shit about it!

Okay, let me go through the pictures now to see if there’s anything that was good……



The beer was good lol.


mmm clams were so so..

Sausage with onion was okay.

Some veggie dish meh..

What the fuck is this dish?


Seriously what is that? Cheese? Ugh, I don’t remember.

Yep, I did my due diligence.  Went through my pictures (the ones you see on this post), nothing to rave about it.


Not sorry.

I don’t share food.


Written from Airlie Beach, Coral Reef Resort on June 12, 2016

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