Yes I know.  I am in Russia.

Why the fuck am I not eating Russian Food. Why am I eating Ribs, fries etc shit that I can find back home in Canada, in HK, well basically everywhere else in the world.  And to that…I have no idea.  I just naturally gravitate towards these kind of foods.


You know, Ribs, Steak, Burgers.  My typical line up of food.  I just can’t help it.  Add to the fact that Torro Grill has an awesome terrace, just sold me even more.

We already went back twice for your information haha, and I am sure we will be back for some more.  It’s just a good mixture of food, environment, people and atmosphere.

Love it.  Miss drinking by a terrace so much.

Need to do this more often.


Torro Grill I believe has several locations around Moscow.  Not sure if that is entirely correct, they at least have an English website but I couldn’t see the location details of their restaurants.  Meh.  There’s one near Swissotel (where I am staying) but if you want more details let me know.


The first time that I came here I ordered the Szechuan Ribs.  To be honest, it was okay.  But it was good enough to warrant a second visit.  The second time around, I smarten my ass up and ordered the “extra large pork ribs”.  O m g.  The meat was melting in my mouth.  My colleague complained it was actually too soft the meat, but for me it was great.

Loved it.

Reminded me of Hurricanes from Sydney.  O man, I will be back in August.  Definitely going to have some Hurricane Ribs again.

We also ordered Truffle Fries, which was not bad.  The WINGS! Damn the wings were good.  The last two times we ordered the small portion of wings, which was still enough for three grown adults.  I think though next time I am just going to order a large order of wings and just devour it myself.

Treat it like a main.

One more side story.

On our second visit to the restaurant, the restaurant forgot to enter our orders in.  We waited forever, and they were really sorry about that.  So sorry that they even gave us a free jug of beer! That shit was huge!  We of course had to finish it, which meant that I died the next day after because my body just can’t handle drinking on a week day anymore.

But man, that’s what I called customer service.


Didn’t know if it’s considered a gift or punishment though, given that we had to finish that tub of beer.  But still it provided us with great memories of this place.

2 thumbs up to Torrro Grill!

Written from Moscow, Swissotel on July 24 2016. 


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